Mixed breed Ragdoll kittens
I have a few mixed breed Ragdoll kittens. Their father is full Ragdoll and their mother is half Ragdoll half domestic longhair. They are super soft with Ragdoll characteristics. $100 for a beautiful kitten!! More
Posted November 21, 2017
Free to select homes, long/short hair, 9wk/5wk More
Posted November 18, 2017
All White Ragdoll Kitten

I have a cute, all white 5-month-old ragdoll kitten available for sale. He really would benefit going to a home with another cat because he is very social and has a lot of energy. He really is a sweetheart. However, I can't keep up with his energy and cant afford more...
Posted November 14, 2017
Baby Doll Persian Kittens
We have a litter of purebred Persians for sale. They are baby doll face Persians, so they do not have the nasal problems like the smashed face Persians. Mom is calico and dad is red and white. The four calico kittens are girls and the black and white kitten is a boy. They are very sweet, litter... More
Posted November 04, 2017