Pure bred, registered Bichon Frise puppies!

Bichons are perfect for children as they are generally very non-aggressive and not "yappy." Bichons are happy-go-lucky playmates that excel as indoor lap-dogs for all age groups.

The Bichon is non-shedding, and is considered hypoallergenic. I have never had any reports of allergy from Bichons.

These puppies will grow to 12-15 pounds and are survivable among small children at that size, yet small enough to be enjoyed indoors. The Bichon is recognizable as a frequently trained "circus-dog," and hence very trainable and cleaver.

Our Bichon puppies are all pure white fluffy fur-balls with black noses. They all look the same. We will not run out and snap pictures for callers due to scamming. Pictures tell you nothing about any dog's personality, nor about which puppy is attracted to YOU. We will not subject puppies to shipping for people who have never seen them. If you are serious about having a Bichon, schedule an appointment and come to see them


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