Math and Physics Tutoring
If you are looking for a math tutor who can help your student get a head start in Calculus, Physics, Pre-Calc, Geometry, Algebra 2 or Arithmetic, please contact me for one on one tutoring. I have over 1,200 hours (325 hours of Calculus alone) of tutoring experience in tutoring high school and... More
Posted June 20, 2018
Very Profitable Dry Cleaning Plant for Sale
Successful dry cleaning business in Kansas City area. Air conditioned, store-front facility with drive-thru on busy street. Pickup and delivery in select neighborhoods. Most dry cleaning/laundry equipment new, high tech & environmentally friendly. 2 hydrocarbon machines without EPA regulations.... More
Posted June 07, 2018
Floral Hills Cementry Plots For Sale
4 plots for sale in the beautiful Floral Hills Cemetery at 7000 Blue Ridge Blvd in Kansas City. Plot is 257-B, Garden of the Apostles, Section 33. Will sell plots as 2 or 4 and at discounted price. List price is $2895.00 for each space and will sell for 2000.00 each space. There is a one time... More
Posted June 05, 2018