• Siamese munchkins

  • $250
Kitties born late March 2019. All age appropriate shots and spayed. Sleeping in bed with you, often under the covers.still kittenish but hormones settled after the spay now. All have access to multiple trees, a cat wheel and get play time. Love feathers, fuzzy rattle mice, and balls that jingle. These gals would not be suitable for people with pet birds, or small animals. They are too curious.

Leilani- long leg lynx point. Loves playing with water in faucet. Hates vacuum. Sweet soprano mew, often talks to you whe you are in kitchen. $250

Hazel- long leg lynx point. My bump on a log that likes to watch movies in bed. Rarely talks, but she can get your attention if needed. $250

Sakura- Patti point short leg. Loves to play, will stand up to check out new things or to assess potential obstacles before jumping. Her short legs do not slow her down. Demanding meow when she wants attention. $850

Fea- this is a blue point siamese kitten I got at 4 weeks summer of 2018. I had the intention of picking up a stud male but brought her home with intention of making her comfortable instead. She had a separated ribcage. It is still deformed, but we were able to spray her without complications. We used a cat wheel to strengthen her chest muscles. Full disclosure, we have no idea what her future holds but have done all we can for her. Will only go to a special home. $250

I also have a male siamese born 12/31/19. He will be available after he is 8 weeks. Both parents blue point siamese. He is a cuddler so far. $300

I can send better pics, my photo editor on phone can't get the pics under the requirement of 2mb.
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