• Our puppies were born on 11/30...

Our puppies were born on 11/30/2018 and will be available at 8 weeks on 1/25/2019. We have three females available. They will be up to date on shots and dewormer, ready for their forever home! $800

What is a Designer Dog - Havashu?
Our Havashu's are 1/2 AKC Havanese and 1/2 AKC Shih tzus pups!

Why a Havashu vs a Havanese or a Shih tzu?
They are a more tolerant, friendly, and easy going pet. They are easy to train, picking up new things quickly.
They make good watch dogs, alerting their owners to new people but calm fast and are friendly towards them.
They love children of all ages, becoming everyone in the family's companion.

With their diversified gene pool, they are healthy puppies. Avoiding the degeneration of the Havanese lines from the line breeding and inbreeding that happened too recently in their history. They have a longer snout reducing the common breathing problems of the Shih tzu and also cutting back on eye injuries the shih tzu frequently obtain. They have a variety of beautiful colors that give them a one of a kind appearance. They require limited grooming to maintain a beautiful coat that is non shedding and considered hypoallergenic.

The overall package is a walking teddy bear, ready to hear you secrets, accompany you on outings or content to await your return. They are loyal, smart and laid back. The perfect dog able to fit into most lifestyles effortlessly.

Our pups come with up to date shots administered by a veterinarian and all de-worming for their protection, a bag of their current puppy food and a lifetime of fun! See the beauties below!
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